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Privacy vs. Data: Business Models in the digital, mobile Economy


Basic Information
Type of Lecture: Lecture
Course: Master
Hours/Week: 3
Credit Points: 6
Language: German
Term: Summer 2020
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Content of the Course


Important Notice on Course Organization

Due to the ongoing Corona situation, the course Privacy vs. Data was moved from April’20 to end of June’20.

All lectures of the course will be streamed live and will NOT be held on-site at Frankfurt university.

All information for participating students to access the live-stream and course materials have been sent to their student e-mail accounts. 

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Please note that the Corona situation is still very dynamic one, so some aspects of the course may still be subject to change. 


Course Contents

The majority of business models in the digital economy heavily rely on the existence of user data in order to enable a value proposition for users. For instance, advertisers use data for the targeting of advertisements whereas others apply it for the personalisation of their service offerings. However, what is beneficial for businesses often becomes of a threat to the privacy of users – especially if highly sensitive data, such as location data, is collected and processed without their consent. Within the digital economy field, this course is going to explore the area of conflict between data-centric business models and user privacy. Since mobile devices accumulate a significant amount of personal data about individuals, the following topics will be covered and examined with a special focus from this „mobile“ perspective:

        • Digital data-driven business models
        • Means of data collection and its threat to privacy
        • Privacy and Data Protection
        • Basics of Information Security
        • Interplay between data and privacy within digital business models

Further information at the corresponding LSF/QIS webpage of the course.


No initial readings are required for the course.



        • Tue, 30.06.20, 9 am - 5 pm (virtual lecture)
        • Wed, 01.07.20, 9 am - 5 pm (virtual lecture)
        • Thu, 02.07.20, 9 am - 5 pm (virtual lecture)
        • Fri, 03.07.20, 9 am - 5 pm (virtual lecture)
        • Sat, 04.07.20, 9 am - 5 pm (virtual lecture)

The course starts every day "cum tempore (ct.) and will be hosted virtually. Participating students will receive the link to the video conference and password via e-mail to their student e-mail accounts.


        • Lecture 1: Introduction to Course and Organisation 
        • Lecture 2: Customer Touchpoints 
        • Lecture 3: Products & Services 
        • Lecture 4: Business Models & Innovation 
        • Lecture 5: Digital Business - Enablers & Platform Models 
        • Lecture 6: Big Four of Digital Business 
        • Lecture 7+8: Data Capital 
        • Lecture 9: Online Profiling Challenge 
        • Lecture 10+11: Privacy & Privacy Protection
        • Lecture 12: From Data to Artificial Intelligence 
        • Lecture 13: Tradeoff between Privacy vs. Business Value
        • Lecture 14: Course Conclusion & Takeaways 
        • Course Exercises 

All downloads are password protected. Participating students will receive the password via e-mail to their student e-mail accounts.

Maximum participants:

The written exam is held in German whereas students are allowed to answer in either German or English. For more information on the written exam, esp. the exam date, please refer to the examination office.