Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security

Information and Communication Security: Infrastructures, Technologies and Business Models


Basic Information
Type of Lecture: Lecture with practical component
Course: Master
Hours/Week: 3
Credit Points: 6
Language: English
Term: Summer 2024
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Content of the Course

Description: Learning Goals and Competencies

  • Basic understanding of security and privacy technologies
  • Basic understanding of technological and legal frameworks to prevent digital privacy threats to individuals
  • Basic understanding of security engineering processes, and security risk management
  • Understanding the importance of information security at organizational level

Descripton of course:

The “Information and Communication Security” lecture series provides a general introduction to the topic of information and communication security. Students will be qualified to identify security challenges that come along with using and employing information and communication systems, and to identify and apply adequate means and methods to solve them.

Emphasis will be put on the organisational and technical set-up of infrastructures, also including aspects of risk management and profitability analysis of security concepts and technologies. Further, students will be qualified to identify and assess security risks, in order to develop and establish appropriate security strategies.

Contents presented in the lecture will also be discussed in the context of international standardisation and regulation activities in the domain of information and communication security, allowing students to consider long-term developments, trends, and challenges in their analysis.