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Deutsche Telekom Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral SecurityDeutsche TelekomDeutsche Telekom Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security


We are active in numerous national and international research projects. Together with a wide range of partners from research and industry, we participate in projects in the areas of privacy, identity management, mobile commerce and mobile marketing. 

Our research in numerous successful projects within the last years concern aspects of privacy and identity management in emerging internet applications (e.g. PRIME, FIDIS and GINI and ABC4Trust
). A special focus has been given to (mobile) community services (PICOS / PrimeLife), as well as mobile marketing and context-sensitive customer pricing aspects in mobile application scenarios (PREMIUM-Services). Based on the success of the previous projects, our research activities were supported by EU projects on CREDENTIAL as well as information security risks in dynamic organisations (TREsPASS).  Our current research activities are supported by EU projects on CyberSec4Europe, PANELFIT and Privacy&Us

In addition, further research is conducted in close collaboration with T-Mobile / Deutsche Telekom as benefactor of our chair and by active participation in ISO/IEC Standardisation activities (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27/WG 5 "Identity Management and Privacy Technologies").