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Privacy and Usability (Privacy & Us)


The_Privacy___Usability_Logo_SP1-1-1.pngThe PRIVACY.US innovative training network will train thirteen creative, entrepreneurial and innovative early stage researchers (ESRs) to be able to reason, design and develop innovative solutions to questions related to the protection of citizens’ privacy, considering the multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral aspects of the issue. ESRs will be trained to face both current and future challenges in the area of privacy and usability. PRIVACY.US offers a combination of research-related and transferable competence skills that will enhance the career perspectives of the ESRs in both the academic and non-academic sectors.

The consortium consists of five universities and five non-academic organizations. This deliberate and balanced construction will ensure that the project outcomes and impacts are maximal with respect to the call criteria and the EU policy areas regarding data security and privacy. The market potential for the generated knowledge is also a key element of this proposal. The consortium industrial partners are three SMEs, one large enterprise, and a data-protection authority.

The ESRs will receive comprehensive training and engage in inter-sectoral collaboration. Through this collaborative effort, the project will make a significant contribution and impact to the ESRs future careers. It will also contribute to shaping future privacy policies and practices in Europe and will significantly advance the state of the art in privacy and usability research.

With the rapid accumulation and processing of personal data by numerous organizations, it is of paramount importance to protect people from adverse uses of their data, while allowing them to enjoy the benefits the use of these data can possibly provide. This is the question of protecting citizens’ privacy, while enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their actions with privacy implications.


Start: 01-12-2015
Completion: 30-11-2020
Duration: 5 years
Type: EU Research Project

The objective of the PRIVACY.US project is to train creative, entrepreneurial and innovative early stage researchers (ESRs) able to face current and future challenges in the area of privacy and usability. ESRs will be trained to convert knowledge and ideas into products and services for the society’s economic and social benefit. The research of the ESRs addresses one or more of the three major goals: (1) to develop ways to minimize the negative impact from disclosing personal information; (2) to develop and evaluate methods for creating awareness of the possible negative consequences of uncontrolled personal data disclosure; and (3) to study and evaluate means with which people can assess risks and make informed decisions.

  • KAU - Karlstad University (SE)
  • GUF - Goethe University Frankfurt (DE)
  • TAU - Tel Aviv University (TLV)
  • ULD - Independent Center for Privacy (DE)
  • UNI - Uniscon Universal Identity Control GmbH (DE)
  • UCL - University College London (UK)
  • USE - USECON Usability Consultants GmbH (AT)
  • VA - Vasco (UK)
  • WU - Vienna University of Economics and Business (AT)